Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' . . .

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Chapter 1
Chapter 2

(Chapter 3: About time this show was rollin' . . .)

In Chapter 2 we had built the basic hot-rod chassis, and got the front axle mounted, so now we have to turn that dirty old rear axle into a thing of beauty . . . .

Alfa Romeo rear axle . .As a taster, until we get the page completed, this is what the stock Alfa Spider rear axle looked like after we had removed the lower radius arm brackets. Note the ugly hand-brake cable mechanism on the back of the case!

. . improved Alfa Romeo rear axle!This what it looked like after a lot of work! As well as making mounts for the cross-spring and lower radius arms, we stripped the axles down to fit new bearings, and swapped the brake assemblies from side to side. This enables us to fit the disc calipers in front of the axle, making them less obvious from the rear, but more importantly moves the hand brake mechanism in front as well, leaving the rear clean and uncluttered.

Now we have actually managed an update, we'll try and catch up a bit - believe it or not we are having a fairly mild winter so far (this is written in early 2005), so we have managed to get out in the garage, and are currently finishing off some chassis details like a roll bar and prop-shaft hoops, and working on chopping the cab.